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Scales Should be A-1

Scales are like cash registers.

With every weigh you’re either losing money or making it. In retail you give it away or steal it, and a misplaced milligram in the lab can throw off ten kilograms of product. Our team ensures that you’re neither oversold or undersold.

Wrong scales at the right time can really hurt.

We have the stock, expertise, and technicians to set you up with the right scale, keep it maintained, and satisfy legislative whims. Choosing A-1 means smooth, reliable setups and production up-time. If there’s a problem at 2am your nightshift manager has someone to call. Every time.

As long as you’re weighing molecules, we have just the thing.

With over 40 years in the industry, there are very few rodeos we haven’t been to… and we’re hoping to remedy that. We do just about everything, and if you look for our logo in the Portland area you might be surprised at how many businesses trust our scales to keep them up and running.

Lab Scales & Analysers

These include analytical and precision balances, moisture & water analyzers, jewelry scales, mechanical balances, and parts & accessories. When small mistakes mean big consequences, careful selection is important. We carry the most reputable brands and have the experience to ensure you get the performance you need without paying for the functions you don’t.

Bench Scales

These include retail, portable, and counting scales, as well as classic bench scales and parts & accessories. While accuracy is always important, many bench scales are used daily and are integral to businesses’ operability, making reliability and sturdiness king. Main concerns are typically ease of use, suitability for application, price, and compliance with regulation.

Floor Scales

If you’re weighing things that are difficult to put on tables like people, cars, or cows, this is your stop. We carry the most reputable, rugged brands in the business and experienced staff to keep them up, running, and ready for abuse. They’ll make sure your setup is compliant and cost-effective in the long run.

Heavy Industrial

Process load cells and weight bridges, tension, hanging, pallet jack, onboard, and crane scales are all included here. We also carry cables, controllers, displays, scoreboards sensors, and the other equipment surrounding their installment and use.

Innovative Design


We have a long history of focusing on holistic systems, and know how everything fits together in the big and small picture. Whether you need very little or a lot of involvement, our technicians will know how to help.

Trusted Suppliers

Not only does our team’s experience mean a glut of trade tricks, but it also means we have time-tested relationships all over the industry. With trust comes efficiency, and our buildouts can be done more quickly with fewer steps and less risk.

Experienced Application

Our team is home to top-tier talent from around the industry. We brag ruthlessly about their breadth and depth of knowledge in hopes that you’ll call them and find out for yourself. We think you’ll agree.