Trade Scales


Our certified technicians calibrate, certify, and help register scales for trade applications. Our extensive expertise and rental stock allow us to meet both short and long-term needs for all types of manufacturers and resellers. We offer service contracts, in-house and on-site repair, and 24/7 service for work stoppages. If a problem pops up, so will we.


Scales are like cash registers; in retail you give product away or take it from your customers, and a misplaced milligram in the lab can throw off ten kilograms of product. Powdery or damp environments will cause some scales to break down quickly, but you don’t want to pay for unnecessary features. We help balance price and features.


These include analytical and precision balances, moisture & water analyzers, mechanical balances, and related parts & accessories. From the simplest balances to the most advanced, we carry numerous brands and can ensure you get the performance you need without paying for the functions you don’t.


These include retail, portable, and counting scales, as well as classic bench scales and parts & accessories. We carry several options for every application and can pre-certify and ship them to your location. We offer programming support and can help interface many models with your software.


We carry a variety of options to meet any requirement from low cost to hygienic design. Many models have washdown and corrosion-resistant options and we can interface new scales with familiar controllers and software. We help ensure you have the best solution for the long-run.

minebea floor scale
minebea floor scale


We carry checkweighers for virtually any line speed or product. Our favored OEMs are Minebea, Alpha, and A&D, and we can tailor their models to your needs with custom reject systems, conveyors, and programming. We’ll make sure you have the right model, integrated into your process correctly.


Truck scales, rail scales, tank and hopper scales, tension, hanging, pallet jack, onboard, and crane scales are all included here. We also carry all related equipment like controllers, displays, scoreboards, sensors, and can integrate old equipment with new.


We have a long history of focusing on holistic systems and know how everything fits together in the big picture. Whether you need a little or a lot of involvement, our technicians know how to help.


Not only does our team’s experience mean trade tricks, but it also means we have good relationships throughout the industry. With trust comes efficiency, and our solutions are executed with fewer steps and less risk.


Our technicians knowledgeable and dependable. We brag about their breadth and depth of knowledge in hopes that you’ll call them and find out for yourself. We think you’ll agree.