No One Wants to Worry About Their Equipment.

When it comes to equipment like scales, it just needs to work so you can. We pair companies with optimum solutions, calibrate them, certify them, and come right back if there’s a problem; 24/7/365.

Our 40 years of experience and in-house design, fabrication, integration, and maintenance allow us to keep things simple. Whether you’re wondering which lab scale is most practical for a wet environment or want load cells under a silo, we’ll deliver a solution you can count on.


Steve Wood, Service Manager

Our Mission

We make the world better by improving systems and the economy at large by extension.

Most people who change the world aren’t trying to; they develop their skills, go with their gut, and do their best right now. We feel like we’re best at troubleshooting, finding new solutions, and refining industry practices.

We were drawn to the processing industry because of the nature of its technology, its people, and our innate compulsion to make things run smoothly. And this translates to our business strategy.

We work with people we’re friends with and we’re friends with people we work with.
We trust first, leave last, and always put solutions over ego.
We never let a client down. Ever.

We keep it light, get it right, and keep our eyes on the big picture because true satisfaction comes from doing what’s important. And this leads us to our list of favorite things: Hard sleep, good beer, and bathing in the tears of your competition.

The Early Days

About 30 years ago on a cloudy but warm winter day, we went to the Secretary of State’s office to register, by paper, our first company. It was somewhat of a risk since we were also starting our families, but we’ll always be glad we did it. Thanks to the trust of our first customers and (this actually very) weird city, it wasn’t long before A-1 necessitated a partner company to handle the non-scale-related needs of our clients.

Now that ABM is the larger of the companies, we’ve been tempted to absorb A-1 into it. But to avoid confusion and because we’re saps, we’ve decided to keep the name around. So to our new and prospective customers who actually read this far, we’re sorry for the confusion. And to all our long-time clients, thank you.

Speaking of sappiness, to the right is a photo album we presumably used for demonstration purposes back in 1742. It was unearthed during a recent spring cleaning expedition.