Whatever your industry, whatever your application, we have the knowledge and experience to get you the right scale, installed correctly. We have ready-made solutions as well as engineers and fabricators on staff for custom solutions. We calibrate, service, repair, and rent scales out for unexpected needs. Below are common classifications and executions of scales, but even if you don’t see it below, we do it.


Single or multi-platform, pit-type or above ground, hydraulic or electric, high capacity or high sensitivity, concrete or steel surfaced, wireless, low-profile, maximal strength, compacted or timber-based, fixed or portable, we can supply it, install it, and service it. The scales we most commonly deal with are from 1 to 10 platforms and up to 800 tons (for mining applications).


We are also highly experienced in all applications of railroad scales. Hydraulic or electronic, we offer rugged solutions with weighrails sealed into the platform designed to resist lateral-force errors and mud, dirt, and debris buildup. We provide low-profile or pit-style scales, low-profile being easier to install and maintain, but requiring 25ft approaches with intermediary sections between the platforms. Pit-types, being underground, are less prone to damage from truck and forklift collision and jarring.

Schenck’s new solution, the MULTIRAIL, is the newest addition to our lineup. It can weigh loads both in-motion and axel-by-axel, and assesses wheel condition while cars are moving up to 155 mph.


Our livestock scales come in a variety of styles and features for easy use. And of course, we can custom-fit scales to unique needs and keep on top of the service. Our cattle scales are all-American, built to last, and can weigh anything from small livestock to small trucks. We offer alleyway platform scales, cage scales, bins, bale/multipurpose scales, squeeze chute scales, portable scales, and optional rubber mat flooring.


Also known as overhead scales or crane scales, hanging scales come in many forms. The most common solutions are essentially load cells with hooks, because tension and compression have similar effects on conductivity. But just as industrial needs are diverse, so are the solutions to fit them.


We supply and maintain all types of onboard scales for vehicle tracking, weighing in-motion while lifting, and under and over-loading prevention. The most common applications are for front loaders, rear loaders, roll-offs, and tippers. We design custom solutions for unique needs and provide ready-made solutions for the organic, aggregate, concrete, mining, logging, steel, construction, logging, military, and refuse industries.


You can put load cells under pretty much anything and have tabs on the unit’s weight. This is most commonly done with tanks and hoppers. And with load cells reaching capacities of up to millions of pounds, few things are off limits; just tare them when the tank’s empty.

Many of our solutions in this category are related to automation. When a tank is empty, reaches a certain buffer level, or is full, this triggers an action by a mill, feeder, filler, or other connected machinery.


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