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Schenk’s new MULTITRAIN® solution is a new development in the train scale industry and is much more effective than previously standard technology. Not only does it cost less, but it reduces wear and tear on trains & equipment and allows in-motion weighing, wheel diagnostics, RFID scanning, and other benefits.

Feeding, Conveying, Screening, Automation, & Air Filtration

Significant improvement OVER previous technology

Recommended For All New Applications

In-Motion Weighing Up to 14 mph
Asseses Wheel Condition Up To 155 mph
Low Initial Costs
Low Maintenance Costs
Reduces Wear On Trains, Rails, & Scale
Increases Efficiency
Imposes No Speed Limitation
Reduces Approach & Retreat Requirements

Lower cost

Instead of setting the entire apparatus on load cells, Schenck’s new solution embeds ridged load cells into into concrete railroad ties. These ties can be slipped under the rails with minimal invasion. Not only does this eliminate the need for (and cost of) concrete pads and precast sections, but it eliminates the load jarring associated with them. This means lower maintenance costs, longer equipment life, no speed limit impositions, greater comfort for passengers, less noise, reduced requirements for approach and retreats, and significantly reduced risk of derailment.

Improved safety

The MULTITRAIN® Solution can also diagnose wheel health and determine if the load is too uneven or heavy for the track. Its diagnostics capabilities are greater at lower speeds but can still relay valuable insights at speeds up to 155 mph.

Simpler Logistics

In-motion weighing (at up to 14 mph) reduces many logistical burdens, especially for liquid loads which have traditionally needed to be stopped and settled before being weighed.  The MULTITRAIN® solution is Legal-For-Trade at up to 10 mph and can weigh statically for reference as well. It is also fitted with RFID readers for simple transactions and can transmit data to remote locations, eliminating the need for operators in many applications.

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