Rockwell is a respected manufacturer of top-quality industrial scales out of Great Falls, Montana. With most competitors in the heavy industrial, agricultural, and niche mining scale industries manufacturing these heavy scales overseas, Rockwell is able to offer higher quality scales at lower prices. Their streamlined production facility delivers American-made scales with lower shipping cost.


Ohaus is a clear leader in the global weighing industry. With over 100 years of continuous development, Ohaus has acquired a markedly expansive, deep, and well-regarded catalogue of products. The varying styles, features, and accessories for each scale family is also a great help when finding the perfect fit for an application.


Cannabis bench & lab balances, process load cells, controllers, tank & hoppers, NEMA & IP-rated corrosion resistance applications

Custom load sensors (actuation, hanging, and lateral tension/compression measurements)
Cost-efficient part solutions (load cells, cables, Junction boxes, electronic boards, etc.) as well as full checkweighing solutions
Bench scales, compact bench scales, medium to heavy industrial floor scales, and lab balances, pH meters, centrifuges, moisture analyzers, and micro analyzers
Specialty floor scales, truck scales, and particular scaling applications
Sartorius-manufactured lab balances, moisture analyzers, etc.
Check-weighing bench scales, truck scale indicators & software, tank & hopper scales
Healthcare scales, truck scales, livestock scales, retail bench scales
Retail, crane, hanging, and pallet-jack scales
On-board vehicle scales for forklifts, dumpers, tippers, tractors, and trailers
Cannabis lab, hanging, and bench scales, and POS & software solutions
Truck Scale scoreboards and lighting trees
Printers, consumables, and cable connectors
Economical solutions for deli cases, retail scales, and produce scales
Scoreboards and sports scales
Indicators and cables
Rigging and tensioning measurement sensors
Veterinary Scales
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truck scale
service vans

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